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Welcome to 1-unicarpenter-oy!  Woodworking is in my genes and my upbringing.  Wood is an amazing, natural, renewable, and beautiful substance.  Every piece of wood, even if from the same tree is unique and a profound statement of nature's ingenuity.

I have a very good friend that now lives in Finland.  Finland is about 70% forests, wood products are about 10% of Finland's GNP, and Finland ranks about 12th in the world in wood product production.  Finns seem to have a great respect for their forests, carry out sustainable forestry practices, and make many things from wood that other countries make from plastic or metal. 

This is one of the reasons for the -oy in 1-unicarpenter-oy.  It means about the same thing as the word "Limited" in english.  Hei is a general form of hello in Finland.

Most items on this site are available for immediate purchase.  Some are only available through specific requests which you can do by contacting me.  My goal is to produce long lasting, unique and beautiful pieces that people can use, display, and give as gifts.

I have just started creating this site, so some categories may not have items in them yet even though I may have them ready for purchase.  Please contact me for possible items that may not be on the site yet.


Thank you.



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